Franchise Opportunity


We provide Franchisee to set up your own Montessori teacher training center and SAM S Banking & Finance.
  • The franchisee cost would be Rs 2,50,000 + Service Tax.(Two Lakh Fifety Thousand only) for CAT A locations and Rs 1,50,000 + Service Tax for CAT B locations.
  • It's one-time non-refundable amount payable in favour of SAM S ACADEMY to offer Montessori Teacher Training center at your preferred location on behalf SAM S ACADEMY.
  • The training for your faculty would be provided from SAM S Academy free of cost at the Head Office.
  • The Franchisee agreement to be renewed once in 3 years with renewal charges of Rs 25,000
  • There will be a registration fee of Rs 4500 and certification Charges of Rs 1500 for every trainee who takes up the training course with you for montessori teacher training. No Registration fees for SAM S Banking & Finance
There is no royalty payment for montessori teacher training. Royalty payment for SAM S Banking & Finance will be discussed.
For more details contact us.